Effective August 3, COED Games are scheduled for 7:30 and 8:20 PM

Greetings Chesterfield Senior Softball

It’s with great pleasure that the Chesterfield Senior Softball Association (CSSA) can announce the start of our 2020 softball season! The State of Virginia is in Phase 2 which will allow us to utilize athletic fields.

Health and safety of our members will be our number one priority. Below are the guidelines we will be using this season in order to get back to play. These guidelines may change as county rules may be updated throughout the season. In addition, it should be noted that if there is any player that feels uncomfortable about returning to play, they should not return.

  • All participants and spectators should take measures to keep themselves safe. Before you leave home, take your own temperature. We ask that if you feel sick or have a fever DO NOT PLAY, STAY HOME and take care of yourself, we want you to be healthy and safe.
  • We are limited to 50 people per athletic field. (County)
  • No one should enter the dugouts.
  • Bats can be placed on the fence near the dugout, and bags should be hung on the outside of the fence.
  • Bring your own water/Gatorade if you want something to drink. No team water coolers.
  • Bring your own disinfectant/sanitizer if you desire; masks are optional.
  • Bring your own chair. Bleachers will be off limits.
  • Whenever possible, everyone should practice safe social distancing.
  • Early games will start at 6:30pm
  • Games will be 50 minutes, and if tied when the time runs out; will end in a tie. No extra innings will be played. The goal is to get the early games finished between 8:10 and 8:15pm.
  • No post-game handshakes. In lieu of handshaking lines, each team is encouraged to congratulate the other team and show sportsmanship in their own way while maintaining their social distancing.
  • Once the early games end, players should pack their bags, leave the fields immediately and exit the complex. Do not go watch a game on another field, as this could threaten the 50 players per field mandate.
  • While moving in and out of the team area before and after games, give the exiting team a chance to completely exit the field before attempting to enter the team area. This to help practice social distancing.
  • Late games will start no later than 8:15. This gives players from the early games a few minutes to exit, and the players for the late games a chance to enter and warm up. The goal is for late games to finish between 10:25 and 10:30.

We look forward to seeing you during the season. As we proceed with the start of our season guidelines will be given to the coaches and posted on our website to help to enforce the State of Virginia/Chesterfield County guidelines.

If you have any questions, please reach out to any board member or send a email to

Thank You
CSSA Board

Let’s Play Ball!
Adult Slow Pitch Senior Softball
For Men 50+ and Women 40+
Monday/Thursday evening games
Good Exercise, Good Friendships, Good Times


We will always have weather. We may not play when the weather is nasty or the fields are not playable.
To see if the games are on, call our always friendly Chesterfield Weather Hotline at 804-378-2285 after 4PM on the day of the game.

Where are the games played?

Games are played at Harry G. Daniel Park at Ironbridge near Chester Virginia. 6600 Whitepine Rd, Richmond, VA 23237.

Who can play?

The Chesterfield Senior Softball Association is open to women 40+ and men 50+. You do NOT have to be a resident of Chesterfield County to play.


Co-Ed League

Effective August 3, games are scheduled for 7:30 and 8:20 PM

Coed League plays Monday nights and is open to women 40+ and men 50+.
Draft Formation

  • No try outs, everyone plays
  • Skills Assessment required
  • Inter-County End of Season Tournament

Co-ed Standings

Team Wins Loses Ties GB
Yellow 4 2 -
Purple 2 4 2

Co-ed Schedule

  Field 10
Date Time Home Visitor Result
June 29 6:30 PM Yellow Purple Yellow 18-17
7:20 PM Purple Yellow Purple 14-8
July 6 6:30 PM Yellow Purple Yellow won
7:20 PM Purple Yellow Purple won
July 13 6:30 PM Yellow Purple Yellow 14-9
7:20 PM Purple Yellow Yellow 20-14
July 20 6:30 PM Yellow Purple ???
7:20 PM Purple Yellow ???
July 27 6:30 PM Yellow Purple ???
7:20 PM Purple Yellow ???
August 3 7:30 PM Yellow Purple
8:20 PM Purple Yellow
August 10 7:30 PM Yellow Purple
8:20 PM Purple Yellow
August 17 7:30 PM Yellow Purple
8:20 PM Purple Yellow
August 24 7:30 PM Yellow Purple
8:20 PM Purple Yellow
August 31 7:30 PM Yellow Purple
8:20 PM Purple Yellow

Mens League

Men's League plays Thursday nights and is open to men 50+.

  • Competitive
  • Open Recruitment
  • New Teams are Welcome
  • Skills Assessment required for new players

Men's Standings

Team Wins Loses Ties GB
Posse 4 2 0 -
Players 4 2 0 -
YVAs 4 2 0 -
Hog Power 0 6 0 4

Men's Schedule

  Field 8
Date Time Home Visitor Result
July 2 6:30 PM YVAs Players YVAs 10-8
7:20 PM Players YVAs Players 14-13
8:10 PM Posse Hog Power Posse 12-8
9:00 PM Hog Power Posse Posse 20-13
July 9 6:30 PM Posse Players Players 17-16
7:20 PM Players Posse Posse 21-2
8:10 PM YVAs Hog Power YVAs 20-13
9:00 PM Hog Power YVAs YVAs 10-9
July 16 6:30 PM Players Hog Power Players 10-9
7:20 PM Hog Power Players Players 12-10
8:10 PM Posse YVAs YVAs 15-12
9:00 PM YVAs Posse YVAs 20-19
July 23 6:30 PM Hog Power Posse
7:20 PM Posse Hog Power
8:10 PM Players YVAs
9:00 PM YVAs Players
July 30 6:30 PM YVAs Hog Power
7:20 PM Hog Power YVAs
8:10 PM Players Posse
9:00 PM Posse Players
August 6 6:30 PM YVAs Posse
7:20 PM Posse YVAs
8:10 PM Hog Power Players
9:00 PM Players Hog Power


CSSA 2020 Registration Form
Deadline March 1, 2020

Complete this form, print it, and mail your completed Registration form with your check to :
Chesterfield Senior Softball Association
PO Box 2713
Chesterfield VA 23832

Men's League
Thursday Night $70.00
Co-ed League (Draft) Monday Night $70.00
Our leagues play from April through August each year.
Games start the week of April 20, 2020

Player Information

Name Home Phone
Date of Birth Mobile Phone
Check here if you do NOT want your phone numbers public
Home Address Email
City or County Zip Code
Shirt Size S M L XL 2XL Preferred Number
Emergency Contact Phone Number
Positions Played P C 1st 2nd 3rd SS OF Preferred Position #1 _________ #2 _________ #3 _________

Men's League

Posse Young Virginians Players Titans
I am registering with a new team Team Name:
I am a new player and need a team

Coed League (Draft)

I would like to play with Relationship to player
Team assignments: Priority assignments will be given to family members or first year players with individuals who brought them into the league. Only (1) family/friend assignment per player

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership/Participation: Please indicate if you may be willing to serve CSSA in some capacity: (Checking the box only obligates you to discuss the possibilities with a board member.)
Team Manager Tournament Committee Board Member
Rules Committee Fall Ball Committee Other / Not sure

Registration Fees

Men's League (50+) $70 $
Coed League (Men 50+; Women 40+) $70 $
Non-Resident Fee $15 $
Late Fee (after March 1) $10 $
Total $

***Sponsors: If you want to sponsor or know of a company that may want to be a team sponsor or otherwise donate to our league, please contact Jeff Davis at 804-441-1322.

Every player must sign this form to be allowed to play.

In consideration of the acceptance of my application for registration in the Chesterfield Senior Softball Association (CSSA), I have and do hereby assume all risks connected to the Chesterfield Senior Softball Association activities. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, waive and release and discharge any and all rights and claims for damages and/or losses which I may have against the Chesterfield Senior Softball Association, its officers, board members and/or agents, for any and all activities connected with the Chesterfield Senior Softball Association. I understand the meaning of this agreement and my signature hereon indicates that it is a voluntary act on my part.

Signature: ___________________________________________   Date: ________________

For office use only

Check # ______________ Balance ______________
Rec'd by ______________ Cash ______________
Date Rec'd ______________ Total Paid ______________

Contact Information

Position Name Email Phone
President Wade Ellegoode 804 677-2770
Secretary Sonya Fultz 804 323-4247
Co-ed Coordinator Janice Jones 804 733-4590
Treasurer Jeff Davis 804-441-1322
Scheduling Coordinator Jimmy Leavy 804-839-6084
Web Guru Bob Dust 804 543-4565
Equipment Manager Glen Hardy 804-513-6287
Men's League Coordinator Vacant
Communications Coordinator Vacant